True Meditation. What It Is And How You Can Be It.

True Meditation
Waves And Stillness


I want to talk about what I sometimes call true meditation.

If there’s true meditation does that mean there’s some kind of “false” meditation?

Let me explain by asking you a question.

What do you think the purpose of meditation is?

You’re probably thinking along the lines of to relaxing, de-stressing, improving mental clarity and concentration, etc.

Yes. All of that and more. But those benefits aren’t the purpose of true meditation. They are the by products of it.


The Purpose of True Meditation

Ready for it? It’s to have a direct experience of your essential nature. Your beingness.

This beingness just simply IS.

It was never born and it will never die.

Reflect upon that for a moment. Do you believe that your physical body is the source of your consciousness?

If so, that’s fine. Whether or not you believe in God/Goddess/The Self/Consciousness or you are a so called atheist and hard boiled materialist doesn’t matter.

Because regardless of which way you look at things, it’s only that. A belief. A mental concept in your head.

In other words it’s only your opinion. Most of our opinions are based on what we’ve heard from someone or somewhere else.

Why don’t you find out for yourself whether or not God exists? Don’t take someone else’s (mine included) word for it.

I’ll take it one step further and say that if you seriously investigate, not only will you find out that Beingness simply is, you’ll realize you are that Beingness.


Consciousness Is The Source Of Physical Life

And in fact, that Beingness is ultimately the only “thing” that exists.

In yoga philosophy this Beingness is called Satchitananda which translates to Existence-Awareness-Bliss.

That’s what true meditation is about. You can find out for yourself that the source of Life is consciousness. Formless. Beyond any concept your mind can come up with.

And again, you are one with this Beingness. Not you the story of your life or the character you’re identified with in this human form.

But the spacious awareness — the light — within which and upon which your life story unfolds.

Our ordinary mode of consciousness “veils” this from our awareness most of the time.

And there’s nothing “wrong” with ordinary modes of consciousness! We are here to enjoy being human (human being).

It’s healthy to have desires and to go about achieving them as best you can. Without harming others along the way, of course.

But some of us have so much “guck” (guilt, fear, resentment, etc.) in our system that we don’t even know what we want. Or we want the “wrong” things.

What are the wrong things? That’s when what you want is either conforming to or rebelling against what you were taught.

We either conform to what mom or dad or society tells us, or we rebel.

That is, unless we become free.

Unless we have achieved a certain amount of freedom from our past conditioning, we are not free to choose the desires that are in alignment with who we are as a human being.

What Is Freedom?

I’ll start with what freedom is not. It is not license.

One of the most useful adages to remember as a human being on the personal development and meditative journey to freedom is this — just because you have an emotion or thought doesn’t mean it’s true.

It’s true that you’re having it, yes. But it doesn’t mean that the underlying belief behind the thought or emotion is true.

We have many stored reactive patterns in our minds and bodies. Most of our beliefs were created in the distant past when we were vulnerable children.

There is even much evidence to suggest that many beliefs and patterns were created in the womb.

Let’s not even get into the possibility of past lives…

This is where meditation can be useful.

Many come to meditation because they’ve heard about the benefits. Stress relief, clarity of mind, relaxation, etc.

This is wonderful!

But it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Keep going.

When you feel you’re bored or don’t want to meditate, have you generated enough power within yourself to realize it’s just your mind being lazy?

Is it possible that this resistance is being created by your internal “saboteur?”

We often resist even those things that we know are good for us.

Ponder this. How much have you even resisted love in your life?

Again, meditation is about having the direct experience for yourself. Better to drop beliefs.

Most of our beliefs were formed a long time ago and are no longer appropriate or useful.

Again don’t believe me. Find out for yourself.